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2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

That day the sun was very strong
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

If we might have a big battle, I received a contact from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was heading to the local.

Moving means it rubbed who came to the land route to Air Force. It has come up with a directive of the white movement by road as much as possible in the other day of an aircraft accident.
Along the way they are overflowing with whether such to perceive the danger refugees, had become a large traffic jam

2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

When the late entering the local, because the troops that were toward the front there was a busy atmosphere has been preparing for camp, spread the tent performs unpacked in a hurry also their

I like was going on is light collision in some, but not until the situation in which PJ is called, but there was only mild meeting, then the other, fuss of Nome Ya sing has been waged.

2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

But "here is the production's" was there also the guy that I say, that's really true
I decided to take an early bedtime in preparation for the next day a late-night

The next day before dawn, jumped suddenly along with the big horn!
I like guys sounded half asleep the moment but tensions ran was clamoring Apparently yesterday

Morning wake up when the ambient is surrounded by dense fog wrapped in fantastic atmosphere
After that, everyone began to occur, were divided as large as those who prepare the equipment and those who prepare the breakfast
I was wearing the equipment from preparing breakfast
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

That day was gathered the whole army to the venue in the thing with the local president from early morning to come to the speech.

It was when reaches the end the start of the speech of the president, has been the thrust of it like crazy one of the pick-up truck
Then the guerrilla armed from the loading platform show up, was a gun spree
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ
Also PMC who was the guard to fight back, the track went quickly ran off
If you think that somehow calmed down, a big roar ran to the venue
I local president fell to the bullets of the guerrilla
This allows local ran a big impact, it thereby was dropped off the cover for gun barrel of combat
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

Immediately, even emergency waiting instruction in PJ is down, heightened tension
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

First to dispatch took the
Was rushed to a local at the request of a large number of victims are out to ISAF in the battle of the armed guerrilla
Many of ISAF personnel Upon arrival at the local had fallen
Combat Fortunately surroundings had subsided, but most of those who were evacuation put on a stretcher immediately subjected to treatment in the Red judgment only one person becomes the triage black.
2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ
First this time, is in the turnout was a brilliant coup

Then several times called out there was, but most of the big job, the end EOD towards the explosives Army was discovered in late to the process of engagement with the enemy along the way, the treatment been transported shot in the thigh It has been but, miraculously life was rambling, but the scene was big hurry.

2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

This time it was with almost predominantly promote settlement, also do not know where there is a spark of combat

Also pray that the sleepless nights will not come

And we try to keep tell this memory and recorded in posterity, ... also in order not to repeat the same mistake

2016.10.16 HR 7th USAF PJ

※ Patron that appeared in fiction for the event. Does not conduct is such as medical care actually.
※Courtesy:E&E.poochi.military blog. Thank you

2017.05.21 HR2.0~FINAL~
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2016.11.06 R-GUN祭 秋の陣 2016
2016.10.15 HR 7th参加速報!!
2016.10.02 定例ゲーム
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